3PC/set 1-Minute Miracle Disposable Toilet Plunger

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Unclog your toilet in record time with the 1-Minute Toilet Miracle– the hassle-free disposable toilet plunger film.

1-Minute Miracle is the safe and clean way to unclog any blocked toilet. Keep them handy in your home for the unexpected toilet blockage. It's also well-suited for travel or other situations where a traditional toilet plunger might not be available.

Simple- Easy to use. Includes illustrated, step-by-step directions.

Safe- Environmentally friendly, chemical free way to unclog your toilet.

Sanitary- Plunger film is disposable for safe and easy cleanup.

Easy to Use Disposable Toilet Plunger:

  1. Wipe the toilet rim with a cloth to ensure you start with a dry surface.
  2. Fasten the film over the rim of the toilet bowl as tightly and firmly as possible to create an even seal.
  3. Push down, then release, on the center of the film to create pressure. Repeat until your toilet is unclogged.


  • Measures 15.75 x 18.5 inches unfolded
  • Constructed of low-density polyethylene film
  • Includes 3-pack of plunger films

    Please note:

    • Keep away from children.
    • After use, dispose of the film properly in the garbage– do not flush.
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