Fly Fishing Flies- 32 piece mixed trout flies

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8 of the most popular classic trout fishing flies!

If you are a fly fisherman, you know what a great deal you're getting on this 32 piece mixed assortment of flies! Our collection includes dry flies, nymphs (wet flies) and the popular black wooly bug streamer.

Whether you are fishing Gold Medal waters in the Colorado, a small stream in New England, or the famous trout streams of the Great Smoky Mountains, these are the flies that will ensure that you catch you fish. If you can get these flies in front of a fish, with the proper presentation, a hungry trout simply can't refuse them!

One thing is for sure, you can't have enough flies. Stock up for the upcoming trout season with 32 of the most popular flies that need to be in every trout angler's fly box.

This fly collection includes:

  • 4 parachute Adam's dry flies
  • 4 bead head flashback copper Johns
  • 4 bead head Prince nymphs
  • 4 hare's ear nymph
  • 4 San Juan worms
  • 4 black wooly buggers


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